Company Motto: coherent and sustainable business

The group of companies Ukrenergo, to which belongs Ukrenergo-Ammonia has made an important strategic decision to obtain additional value in the processing of natural gas.

Ukrenergo-Ammonia  aimes to implement small-scale  modular ammonia plants in the Ukraine and worldwide.

The team targets to be in trend with industrial green/blue transition of ammonia production and to make the global energy conversion a reality.

The novel technology and design of small-scale plants has been worked out in cooperation with Bilfinger Tebodin Ukraine for optimizing customer`s CAPEX and OPEX.

The company has focused on improved activity synthesis catalysts,which allow ammonia synthesis to be conducted at significantly low pressures and temperatures for reducing capital investments which with the energy consumption are the key factors in determining ammonia production profitability.

Anhydrous ammonia,NH3,a colorless alkaline gas is lighter than air.

The synthesis of NH3 directly from hydrogen and nitrogen on a commercial scale was pioneered by Haber and Bosch.

NH3 production is relatively clean compared to other chemical process industries.

About 85% of NH3 produced is used for nitrogen fertilizers.The remaining 15% goes into various industrial products

The whole new energy landscape relies on long-term energy storage and easy transportation.Within this content NH3 offers unique opportunities due to it’s high hydrogen content,known handling and existing infrastructure.

Ammonia is the only carbon free compound which fulfills requirements of high energy density.